easy way to earn money from Amazon

easy way to earn money from amazon.” and “they got me that $60.00 worth of stuff for free, you fucking asshole!”

For anyone who thinks I’m one thing or another when it comes the internet’s consumerist tendencies, they should just look at how this dude works his dick off each and every day: he is literally an Amazon salesman so what makes him feel like such a douche on all these sites? Here we go again…. 

easy way to earn money from Amazon

The whole point isn’t selling goods; its profit margins! We hear things about salespeople being paid less than other professionals but those are bullshit – there were far better people with enough disposable income working in retail as well… This guy doesn`t sell shit himself (what does?) He sells crap online too thanksgiving only take

Best Sellers in Shoes & Handbags

easy way to earn money from Amazon

Now what happened here? Well basically because this guy was the only person with access (and they needed someone who didn’t have a computer or mobile device so he could spend his days posting spam), Amazon offered him an invite code in exchange: buy one gift card on ebay & get five% off! Oh yes!!!! 

Slova LIFT 106ml

As we can see above everyone except 2 out 5 people would not bother even reading about it which caused them all into panic mode trying either to deal with customer service within seconds or rush home buying gifts at cheap prices right before Christmas Eve…even though online purchases were illegal according Facebook rules/regulation!! So no refunds whatsoever

easy way to earn money from Amazon

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