BJP is losing support across the country due to these 5 reasons

These may be some points.
01. TMC’s imported leaders are going back. People have expressed their dissatisfaction over the involvement of these leaders. But the BJP ignored it. Now is the time for more shame and disgrace.

02. The Karnataka BJP has more imported leaders than the Congress and the JDS, they will not do any work.
If the BJP does not protect its cadre in West Bengal, others will not risk their lives by voting for the BJP.

03. Amit Shah has bought enough MLAs to form a government against the RSS. It is true that now the BJP has become the opposition B party. A Hemant Biswas may not justify taking it all.

04. When Tejaswi Surya exposed the scandal in his state, his own party people questioned him.

05. Poor management everywhere, in Kerala or West Bengal, when they are not there, or in Madhya Pradesh where they are recovering or where Jammu Hindus are most supportive.
If the BJP does not improve these things they will become another Congress party.

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