If the Pegasus gooing action against ministers, SC judges, election commissioners is true, will BJP supporters still support the BJP?

The Pegasus report is absolutely true. There is no simple and direct answer to this question. Why do I say that? This is not a BJP government. India today sees the cloudless world of the Gujarat model of evil Modi-Shah rule. 

The Pegasus case only partially exposes this obscure world, similar to the stories in ****** and I can not say that the fictional character of “The Godfather” was created by Mario Pujo because, in my view, Don Carlions is the current PM who has so much more values ​​than we do. Many Indians, including Modi devotees, know the truth about Modi, and our Prime Minister will continue to support the following “devotees”:

  • The “Hindu is in danger” category is not affected by all criminal activities and corruption.
  • Generally hated by the Congress and especially by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.
  • Criminals, politicians, bureaucrats, judges (like Arun Mishra), media people (like Arnab) and wealthy corporates (like Adani, Ambani, Lala Ramdev) have benefited from this evil rule.
The above numbers are definitely not enough for Modi to stay in power for long. Thus the end of this evil rule is near.

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