Is Prashant Kishor going to create trouble for CM Yogi and the BJP in the UP elections?
It is actually BJP versus Samajwadi party at the moment in Uttar Pradesh.

If Prashant Kishor wants to do business with someone, it will be Samajwadi party. He will not work with either BSP or Congress even if those parties are ready. That arrangement won’t work. But, till now, the Samajwadi party has not shown any interest in taking the strategy of Prashant Kishor. That is a good sign, indeed. Putting a huge amount to mould the public opinion does not augur well for the democracy.

Let the workers of the parties go to the people and tell them what they have done and what they intend to do. Manipulating the minds of the people by using huge money or heavy workforce pose a danger to the polity.

Going by the trend, I just assume that Prashant Kishor may not be a factor in the Uttar Pradesh.

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