Tujse Hai Rabta Show Closing: Reem Sheikh and Sehban Azim Kalyani and Malhar on the last day of shooting

TV show Tuzse Hai Rabta is set to say goodbye to the audience on July 31st and today (July 29th) is the last day for the cast and crew on the sets. After a three-year run, the show starring Reem Sheikh and Sehban Azim ends this month.

The actors were arrested today on Tujse Hai Rabta sets. Reem wore a blue sari and Sehban posed with her in a racial suit. Despite the huge age difference in their real life, their on-screen chemistry is on fire. Fans send them as #Sehreem (Sehban and Reem)
Produced by Aamir and Sonali Zafar, the show revolves around Kalyani, a little girl and her journey and a policeman named Malhar, Kalyani’s husband and their relationship.

Speaking about the Show of Air broadcast, Sehban told BT, “The show has given me so much and it’s been a beautiful journey. Although I played the role of a policeman, I had to come into the show. I play a lot of different roles pretending to be different people. That fact must be taken into account. “
The show stars Purva Gokhale, Rajat Dahiya, Savita Prabhune and others.

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