What is the best adult health insurance in India?

Usually, health insurance schemes do not cover the cost of treating an older citizen. This can be very expensive as older residents tend to be more flexible, more prone to risks and take longer than normal to recover as their bodies no longer speak as they used to. Some health insurance providers offer special programs for seniors.

The needs of older people are different from those of young managers. A strong health plan designed specifically for older people will include the following –

Pre-existing medical conditions
Health conditions can increase as we get older and it is important to consider whether your health insurance plan can cover the cost of treatment for any existing conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease etc.

Critical illness cover

With old age comes the risk of serious diseases because our immune system begins to deteriorate leaving us at risk of health problems. Any health insurance plan should cover the cost of treating critical illnesses.
Emergency services cover
It is important to ensure that health insurance schemes cover the cost of emergency services, especially for older persons.

Age restrictions
If a health insurance plan can only cover medical expenses until you are 75 or 80 or 85 years old, it can be very stressful to be very old and you can get health insurance benefits during a medical emergency. It is recommended that you choose health insurance plans that offer lifetime coverage with no age limit.

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