Who is Sofia Ansari, Why is trending?

Sofia Ansari is an Indian Tik Tok star who is well known for making short lip-sync and dance videos. she has a massive fan following in India and has millions of followers over different social media platforms.

She started getting in news after youtubers started to roast her on the type of reels she posts on her Instagram handle. She has been posting reels by dancing and lip-syncs on various trending reel audios. But the thing that got all the attention was her revealing clothes, youtubers and audience started to criticize her for having every reel with revealing clothes for getting more traffic on her Instagram reels.

At some point, it is right as when a bigger number of audience watches you, then you should be responsible for what you show to them. But she also has a point of, now a days children’s and people’s of different ages are already exposed to even worst things. What’s your point comment down your thoughts.
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