Why has Prashant Kishore become a tough guy to fight BJP?

I don’t think Prashant Kishore has turned out to be an anti-BJP person.

He is an expert. He worked with Modi again in 2014. Ready to make whoever you pay for. His attempt to get involved in politics was doomed to failure. He has tried his luck by joining Janata Dal (United) and was elected National Vice President. His plan for her did not go unnoticed.

We must also understand his tactics for those who are in a position to win the election. He has worked with Congress in Uttar Pradesh and Makkal Neethi Maiyam (Kamal Hasan’s party) in Tamil Nadu. He did not gain much from both teams.
His next assignment, it seems, is to unite opposition parties to fight BJP at the national level. Most likely, he is being registered for the job by Sharad Pawar, the Chief of the Nationalist Congress Party.

If Yeddiyurappa wants PK to help him in the election elections, he can also get into that. Because, this is his job. It is possible that, in the future, if the BJP wants to show someone else in 2029, they may re-write the PK.

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