How is Scarlett Johansson in real life?

This is the answer to the thought of shame. Do not read it if you are afraid of magic.
The doorbell rang.
It’s Scarlett Johansson, dressed as a Black Widow. Unusual.
I give Scarlett an evening gown – as you well know, well-known heroes hate their costumes, and want to take them off as soon as possible.
(That’s better.)

Large suites, without being completely funny, are not at all comfortable.

Then give her and Freya (my girlfriend) drinks, and enter the record.
And you guessed it right: Fijara Music!
(As you well know, Fujaras is a large Slovakian flute that produces loud noises. You may have heard them on Frozen II, every time you see a giant rock.)
Overtones bring Scarlett and Freya into a state of shock, and I offer a lot of drinks, seeing them very happy and less restricted.
(G&T rules!)
After that I asked Scarlett if she wanted to see my Fjara flute, and she said yes.
(I see a twinkle in his seductive eyes.)
Freya freely suggests to Scarlett that she will show Scarlett how she is played, and we all happily agree.
And this is what happened.
Then we go into the night, we make some very magical music until we fall into unity.
(I hope this will answer your question.)

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