its only me who know how pervert and devil he is from inside for me …

How did your life change in the last two years?
A lot, it’s been two years… .stop… stopped touching me… and I’m free I won’t deal with that anymore….
But !! Wait umm .. why do those challenges hit me over and over again is it really my fault? Innocence? Being children? Why didn’t anyone anoint him or say something to him? Why does everyone support him? And you keep telling me that all this is my stupidity and it is Im who is responsible for all this. His wife said he did it because he was ugly… … He said I did this to tarnish his image
The only person my parents relied on… .. and he had made an angelic personality in front of them all… only me who could deceive and the devil inside me …
It’s been 2 years since it all came to a standstill when I told everyone about this and my family’s cuts through all the bindings
People say they forget everything !! And Focus Right Now ?? I mean how can I forget all those things he did for me… the wrong touch…. How it affects my body…. You even try to see me when I wash or change my clothes…. Force me to see you sexually and everything…. It continued until 6 years of my childhood was ruined…. At the time I had no idea what was happening to me yet.
In these 2 years…. Am I still thinking? Am I innocent? Was it really my fault
My mental health was damaged my mind was full of different questions and thoughts… .I hate myself every day..I used to cut my body I hurt my soul my whole body… I have no hope …. to live my life like I left dead…. I give up interest in almost everything…
And yes I’m challenged I don’t smile the same way… I’m not very confident about myself

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