Why do Singaporeans feel proud of their country?

In any country, exchange rates have risen 3-4 times compared to most currencies in regional countries. Thus making the cost of a plate of chicken rice in that country remains the same at S $ 3.50 over the past 20 years.
In any country, the monthly salary is three to 4 times higher than any other white and blue-collar workers in regional countries, who do the same work.
In what country do police officers really care? They took their jobs very seriously, including making emergency calls, with the trivial matter: “Hello police … There’s a fly in my soup!”
In any country, where you advertise for rent or sell an apartment / house. You will be filled with calls and answers… Only a price story.
In any country, where you did not buy an unpleasant frill, a 3-bed flat 20 years ago paid peanuts and could sell for a whopping S $ 2-4 million… They call it an encc sale.
In any country, when you advertise to present condominium design show units in a newspaper / TV, and 2 million people read it. In the days that followed, the crowds formed long, continuous lines of observance and for months.
In any country where more than 90% of working couples or single people own a house / apartment, they have a roof over their heads.
In any country, even an 80-year-old man can still find work.
In any country where corporate taxes and personal taxes are a fraction of all your income.
Which country says that if you put a banana or a piece of your cake on the sidewalk, you can still pick it up and eat it without fear of stomach upset, figuratively speaking.
Which country has the cheapest public transport fare compared to high-end speaker and public transportation services.
Which country can foresee, by placing a lead order among the lethal antibodies against COVID-19 while it is still baking, unaware of laboratory results long before other regional countries.
In any country, ladies in shorts with long legs can walk past the construction site, full of men working without fear of abuse, not to mention going home at midnight and coming home safely where dads and mothers have no worries.
If you can’t say it’s SINGAPORE you have to be a foreigner… .If you live there but you don’t feel proud- You must have done something wrong.

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