10 facts about the psychology of relationships and love

1. Narrow bed.
Husbands and wives should sleep separately or in very spacious beds for their mental and physical health, good sleep and a healthy atmosphere in the family.
Scientists studying sleep problems have found that 30-40% of couples sleep in different beds.
And this is very good because poor quality sleep can lead to divorce.
So if you want to keep your relationship strong, make sure you sleep well.
What other things do you think can prevent or prevent an impending divorce?
2. After the age of 32, the probability of getting divorced each year at the time of marriage increases by five percent.
They are more likely to get divorced than those who are married after 20 years.
3. 33% of people who date online have an affair, 33% do not, and 33% give up.
4. After separation individuals change in self-concept and self-concept clarity decreases. They not only experience the pain of losing their partner but also the changes within themselves.
5. Studies show that happiness is contagious. Therefore, it is difficult to move away from a happy partner, or it is difficult not to love happy people because they are so pleasant to be around.
6. Heartbreak is a real thing. It is also known as broken heart syndrome and its symptoms are similar to heart attack.
7. Romance in the workplace can also lead to marriage through friends — rather than a couple meeting in a different way.
8. It’s hard to let go
If you can not shake the breakup, do not hit yourself.
According to 2010 research in the Journal of Neurophysiology, romantic rejection is not about touching addiction.
Researchers have recently looked at people who have split up and say they are in love with their ex.
Participants underwent brain scans while looking at pictures of their former flame, as well as pictures of other friends and acquaintances.
Seeing their lost love, the volunteers showed brain activity in an area called the ventral tegmental area that sits in the middle brain.
This area is activated when people are in love and in situations that are motivating and rewarding.
Other reward- and addiction-focused areas, including the nucleus accumbens in the forebrain, have also become more active.
The good news is that the strength of the activity has waned over time, researchers report.
No matter how stubborn the mind, it will eventually go away.
9. What does it mean if a person stops trying.
It means something is missing in the relationship. What he is missing is to be fully alive as a human being.
That’s what I want to tell you. This is a passion that is present in all human beings.
But they rarely talk about it unless they are a psychologist with a PhD. In masculinity and masculine mental needs and drives.
But once you learn about it, it will be much easier to see how you can use it to your advantage.
When a person stops trying … there is no way for him to get out of this “siege” … or at least not in his relationship with you.

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