In the “Nagpur Education Policy” Jibe, the Prime Minister of Karnataka Says This

Angry BJP prosecutors responded to Congress’s jibe by shouting: “Yes … but it is not Roman or Italian education policy.”
Bengaluru: The Karnataka Legislature saw pandemonium on Friday, the last day of a rainy session, on the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) in the province when Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai approved a Congress case he called the RSS or Nagpur Education Policy.

The House witnessed the chaotic incidents when members of Congress entered the House of Representatives about an hour before its suspension, first seeking an extension of the session and then directing the government to launch the NEP without discussion and calling it the RSS agenda.

The ruling BJP, defending the NEP, went back to Congress and said the NEP was not an Italian or Roman education policy or a Macaulay education policy demanded by the Grand Old Party. This led to a heated argument between the Opposition’s benches and the Treasury following the resignation of Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri.
Addressing his extension, Mr Siddaramaiah said, “The NEP is a future issue for this country, it should be discussed … our president (State Congress official D K Shivakumar) has called us Nagpur Education Policy.”
Afterwards, Mr Shivakumar, who was also in the house, said the “Nagpur” education policy should be discussed.
Annoyed by this, some BJP Ministers, including C T Ravi, responded by shouting: “Yes … but it is not a Roman or Italian education policy.”
Continuing his attack on the NEP, Mr Siddaramaiah went on to say that it was an RSS program, so it should not be done for any reason. It is used in government without proper consultation with stakeholders.

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