“Kabul Airport Problems Resolved”: Taliban Urge Returns

A Taliban spokesman said the suspension of international flights had left many Afghan people stranded abroad and prevented people from traveling for work or studies.
The Taliban in Afghanistan on Sunday called for the continuation of international flights, promising full cooperation with aviation and saying problems had been resolved at Kabul airport.
The statement comes as the Taliban intensified efforts to reopen the country and gain international recognition following the collapse of the Western-backed government last month. A limited number of aid flights and passengers have been operating from the airport.
But normal commercial activities have yet to resume as they have been closed following the unrest of tens of thousands of foreigners and vulnerable Afghan people following the Taliban’s capture of the capital.
The airport, which was damaged during evacuation, has reopened with the help of technical teams from Qatar and Turkey. While some airlines including Pakistan International Airlines offered limited services and some people were able to find places for flights, prices were reported to be more frequent than usual.
Taliban spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi said the suspension of foreign flights had left many Afghan people stranded abroad and prevented people from traveling to work or studying.
“With the problems of Kabul International Airport being resolved and the airport fully operational on domestic and international flights, the IEA ensures all flights in their full cooperation,” he said, using the acronym Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban name for their new government.
Since taking office, the Taliban have faced major economic hardships and pressures on issues ranging from girls’ education to allegations of punishment of former officials and others linked to the previous government.

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