What is Emily Ratzhakovsky accusing Robin Thick?

Emily Ratajkovsky was once again in the news for accusing Robin Tickey of holding her breasts on the set of “Blurred Lines”.
In his new book, My Body, he describes what happened while shooting a music video that shocked the world in 2013:
Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the coldness and alienation of the hands of a stranger grasping my bare breasts from behind. Looking at Robin Tikke, I walked away naturally. He smirked back and forth, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. My head turned toward the dark before the set.
I did not respond – not really, I must. I pushed my breasts forward and felt the shame pump heat through my body avoiding eye contact.
Robin has not yet resolved the allegation, but video director Diane Martell told the Times:
I remember the moment he grabbed her breasts He was standing behind her as they were both in profile.
Despite the director’s announcement, people still haven’t bought it:

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