What is the most inappropriate work done by a singer / musician on stage?
In 2016, Miley Cyrus became close and personal with her people.
That place is London. And his private parts.
Michael Jordan in Miley Cyrus pop music.
She has trouble keeping her tongue in her mouth and she can’t score like any other pop star.
Madonna still sees the nun when Miley is at home.
(A very sick nun, viz.)
At a secret event in London in 2014, she allowed her fans to grope her crouch,  his * squat,butt and breasts in the most penetrating ways, and then show the audience her bare backside.
Now I’m not a very judgmental person when it comes to  sex and I’m not anymore.
Miley Cyrus s  sex Rock Chick with language speaking talent.
He is cruel at heart.

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