What is your view on Aryan Khan’s bail?
After Aryan Khan was granted bail, his family rejoiced.
In the next photo, Shah Rukh Khan looks happy and relaxed.
The case is far from over as Aryan Khan and others have just been granted bail.
Most likely, their grief will continue for several years during the trial and their family will spend hundreds of thousands to free Aryan, and avoid returning to prison.
This reminds me of the famous story of Mulla Nasruddin,
One day Nasruddin saw a man sitting in the dark.

When asked why he felt that way, the man replied that his life had been turned upside down so that he could collect all his money in a small purse and wander off in search of happiness.

Meanwhile, Nasruddin picked up the man’s bag and defended it and disappeared from view. The man ran everywhere to grab Mulla and grab the bag which was his only possession.
After a while Nasruddin put the bag in a place where the amazed man could see it and hid behind a tree.
When the man found his bag he forgot his grief and began to dance with joy.
Mulla sighed – ‘Is this one of the ways to bring happiness to a grieving person?’ [1]
The freedom that Shahrukh Khan and his family would get for his son after spending a lot of money is available to all of us for free.
How many of us really appreciate the freedom to stay home with our parents, family and eat home-cooked meals.
We take liberty for granted and do not see its value unless we lose it.
A wise person is one who is aware of and appreciates the values ​​of the world before losing it.
The famous Indian saint and poet Kabir Das described it well,
Dukh mein sumiran sab kare, sukh mein kare na koye
Jo sukh mein sumiran kare, to dukh kahe ko hoye
In suffering everyone worships God, happily no one
If you pray for good times, how happy you will be.
We do not know whether Aryan Khan will eventually be convicted or not.
However, the time he spends in prison and the stigma he and his family must suffer because of his actions will never end in their lives.
His life and his family will never be the same again.
Why not follow the law and live a moral life so that you can enjoy freedom and happiness in life?
Is it really hard to stay beautiful?
Is it so good to be bad?
Whenever you are tempted to do something illegal or immoral in life, remind yourself of Aryan Khan’s story.
It is also important to remind yourself that you cannot hire a battery of lawyers who spend millions of rupees to get something that is right even the poorest person in your country.
Let us learn to appreciate the good things in our lives before we lose them, forever.

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