Which bold scene in Bollywood surprised you?
Simi Garewal
After spending her adolescence in England, Simi Garewal came to India at the young age of fifteen, captivating everyone with her amazing acting skills.

It was a big thing for Bollywood actresses to show off their skin in the 70s. However, Simi stopped all of this to show his bold attitude.

The film depicts an episode of her changing clothes in a public place. The entire industry of the city was the talk of the town on this movie part.

Simi did not stop there. She starred in her role in Conrad Roux’s Indo-American film Siddhartha (1972).
Simi also gave a nude scene with Shashi Kapoor in the film.
The film has caused a great deal of controversy in the history of Indian

cinema. At this point, the Censor Board of India did not really allow the kissing scene.
But Simi overcame all obstacles and paved the way for future Bollywood actresses.
Simi admitted to the Times of India that his Western breeding did not help the industry fit in at the time.

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