Why is Janvi Kapoor always in mini shorts?
Janvi Kapoor was ruthlessly trolled for wearing really ‘short’ shorts in the gym: fans come to the rescue
Janvi Kapoor is one of the Bollywood actresses who has appeared outside the gym on many occasions. She sets gym look goals and is always vigilant to catch the actress coming out of the gym.
Recently, however, Katrina Kaif demonstrated her concern over the very short shorts Janvi wore at the gym and has now become a target for trolls for it. Many trolls started commenting negatively about his gym shorts, but this time his fans came to his rescue.

Recently Janvi was spotted by paparazzi on her way to the gym. She wore sheer tea and a white bustier over blue shorts.

The length of the shorts was not so short for the trolls. He started criticizing her for wearing ‘short’ shorts and posting obscene, obscene comments on her Instagram account.
However, the young actress’ fans did not tolerate the trolls and blamed her for attacking her personal freedom and certainly taught the trolls a lifelong lesson on self-expression.
As one fan wrote, hate if you want to see completely covered women going to a country that seeks the law. Respect the freedom of self-expression that our country gives to every citizen or go for the freedom of self-expression that suits your taste.

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