What is a bullet bra, and are people still wearing it?

Yes ~ they are still worn ~ but not often. It seems that most women can wear them for a ‘special’ effect.
But from my own experience ~ it ‘s really amazing to wear it, and I think my ‘What Katie did’ is very attractive!
The uplift bullet bra is a variant of the oversire bra but misses the metal cord which gives the above its distinctive name. Sewing in Spiral gives this bra a dot-shaped shape that is instantly recognizable while the belts run to the lifting cup. Court Royal has revived this style with Norma Jeanne’s lifting board, which offers the opportunity to loosen the shoulder straps.
Finding a well-fitting bra is hard enough with a modern bra, so where do you start with a bullet?

Bullet balance is important. Inequality will appear cramped and lack proper support. If you wear modern blouses without padding you will probably take the same size into a bullet bra. If you are used to wearing a bra with pads or push-ups it may take more thought. If you do not find a place where bullet bullets are found near you then try and calculate your size with a modern soft cupboard and take it as a guide.

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Warning to those women who are taking a larger size than DD. You should choose a lower band size and a larger cup size per letter. This is because vintage style bras do not have the flexibility of modern designs.
Proper adjustment of the belt is also a key to achieving a good balance. Belts must be tight enough to hold the bulletproof metal in place.
If you need any help with this, just contact us, our dedicated team knows everything you need to know about bulletproof vests and will be happy to assist you. Helping our customers find the perfect bra for their needs is something we are proud of

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