the shocking secret of Trisha Krishnan

Trisha Krishnan Undressing MMS leak in bathroom!
The leaked MMS of Bollywood celebrities creates a sensation wherever it is ever seen. Check out the MMS of actress Trisha Krishnan who has been in the news for years … more
Rana Daggubati kisses Trisha on Twitter for leaking Suchitra Karthik intimate pictures

A picture shared by Suchitra Karthik on her Twitter account shows Rana Daggubati kissing Tamil actress Trisha on his cheek. In the picture, Trisha hugs Rana and smiles, which is evident from the time Trisha and Rana are in a doggy relationship. The film looks like a selfie taken by the actor while they were in a relationship. Trish and Rana’s relationship is open to the world and they broke up in 2015. See also

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