What is your favorite “Guilty Pleasure” movie?

Original Answer: Which movie (s) do you consider your guilt pleasure?
I especially don’t like the term ‘guilt pleasure’. Why do you feel guilty for what you love?

However, in the language of our time, the four images listed below qualify as my ‘guilt pleasures’.

Either way they were critically acclaimed and some of them were ridiculed after their release. But I enjoyed them all on different levels.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

The unholy and ridiculous combination of thrill and laughter keeps this average script from floating around. It may not be great, but there’s a lot of B-movie goodness here.
This is silly and mostly predictable. However it also inspires through the game cast, who are well aware of what kind of film they are part of and modify their performances accordingly.
It’s fun and memorable, but it also makes for a good re-watch feed.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

This movie is insane. This is a return to the cheesy-laden action geeks of the 80s. And just like the best films in those movies, the cobra throws everything against the wall and some things stick together.
Awesome and completely devoid of anything like meaning or structure, this is a great “background” film.
You do not need to pay attention when there is no action on the screen. And when, it is kinetic.

Jumper (2008)

This action-adventure romp is a fantasy that fulfills pure desires.
Who does not want to have the powers of teleportation, to travel the world, to win the love of your life, to be rich and to live a life of luxury?
There are definitely a lot of cracks in the jumper and they become more apparent as you go deeper, but the opening half of the film is still quite entertaining.

Smoking Aces (2006)

It’s another entry that shares a unique quality on this list – it’s accidentally known about the type of film and everyone in it goes and enjoys it.
The smoky aces may not be completely firm, it is consistently entertaining and always moving.
And when there is so much momentum in the film, it is easy to notice and forgive mistakes.

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