What obscure historical facts do you know?
In ancient Greece, in the middle of 300 BC, lived a prostitute named Fryn.
This painting of him, made long after his death, may seem strange at first, but I assure you that everything will be explained.

Also her name is not actually Fryn, it’s actually Mnesarete (to remember righteousness) which is a bit ironic, but people call her Fryn (a.k.a toad) because of her yellow color. I personally don’t appreciate being called a ‘toad’, but I guess anything that makes you happy.

She is known for her incredible beauty. Many have written about how awesome she is. It is believed to have inspired many of Aphrodite’s paintings and sculptures, including:
For this he clearly modeled.
She is also considered to be very wealthy and if she is really beautiful, she may not seem too far away depending on her profession.
But she is well known for her trial.
Unfortunately, many things about it are unclear. We do not know exactly what he was accused of or what he was accused of, but it was blasphemous. The important fact, however, is that if she is found guilty, Fryn will be hanged.
One of her lovers, a spokeswoman for Hyperides, defended her, and she came forward with a defense that could only be described as genius.
So back to the test.
The prosecutors said their speech was very good and it was clear to Frin‌ that things were not going well. Hyperides he really decided to go ahead with his idea.
He called Fryn, stood in front of the judges, and unzipped her clothes, “Okay, I hope you’re ready to do this ****!”
Obviously this does not work well in modern court, but in ancient Greece it actually made very little sense.
You see, incredibly beautiful people are considered a blessing from the gods. So Hyperides must have asked a group of very religious people if they wanted to insult those who were clearly blessed by the **** gods. Although I can say for sure … misguided.
And it worked! Fryn was acquitted and appeared to have lived a long time.
Obviously, there is some speculation that the test may not have taken place that way. Putting forward another theory, Fryn cried out to every single judge for her life and they were so impressed they decided to leave her.
But where is the fun in that?

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