What would India look like 50 years from now until the next general election in 2019, when only income taxpayers will be allowed to vote?
All you need is pluralism [rich rule] and in the case of India it easily becomes a dictatorship.
Since most taxpayers live in cities, it also eliminates cities that do not have a full franchise for rural areas. And since the upper castes are so much more in the affluent category, it is also the rule of the upper castes. Overall it copied the British Raj.

The most powerful pillar of Indian democracy is its “uneducated” population. They take democracy far more seriously than the “educated”. They vote and discuss. They are likely to respect the struggles of Gandhi and others, while the “educated” category prefers Bose, Bhagat Singh and others.

It was the “uneducated” community that stopped Indira Gandhi from stopping the emergency in 1977, and the “educated” community continued to praise and vote for her even after the emergency.
The “illiterate” class left the Congress long before the “educated” class, and they still vote for him today [see the educational qualifications of the people behind Rahul Gandhi]. That’s it
On the other hand, if “educated” Indians are chosen, they will elect people like Putin and lead them to military rule through Pakistan and Myanmar.

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