Can I download a movie without the cost of internet data?

Yes, you can, Creative Essence Private Limited has introduced a product called Apna WIFI, an Indian-based product development and development program, used by hospitals and clinics in Mumbai, but the founder of Creative. Essence Private Limited Mr. Vijay Sharma wants to make this device more accessible to other people, Apna WIFI has excellent features such as
  • connect and play.
  • This wifi system can be used in cars, restaurants, hospitals, colleges.
  • The price goes into the pocket.
  • And Investment.
  • No need to reload the data system.
  • Children can also use this.
  • No active data connection required.
  • Pre-loaded with the most used videos and services by people.
  • It is a portable device, which can be carried anywhere even on a trip.
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic purposes.

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