He looks at the face of a man who lived 15,000 years ago.

A modern find found in a limestone cave in France in 1911 was thought to be feminine because of the size of the hip, and because the wisdom teeth on the skull had not yet erupted, it was named the girl Magdalena.
However, on a recent X-ray examination, it was found that the teeth of wisdom were affected, and it was said that it was a woman who died between the ages of 25-35.
The image of the skull that was damaged during the discovery and unintentionally restored, was re-scanned by modern technological opportunities, and the French sculptor Elisabeth Daynes, based on this data, modified the current model and gave life to Magdelena Woman.
Named after her period, Magdalene Woman has high cheekbones and a subtle smile like the Mona Lisa.
He lived before the winter and when the dogs were kept.

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