What are some good facts about the functioning of the human mind?

Kissing someone for the first time causes you to experience an increase in your dopamine levels.
The fact that dating only lasts for 4 minutes is proven psychologically.
The feeling of being ‘in love’ is a chemical reaction of the brain, not of the heart.
Having high IQs makes it difficult for women to find a partner.
90% of people take text messages that they can express themselves.
Genetics are the cause of a person being negative almost always.
They are good liars and they are the best at lying to others.
The type of music you listen to has an effect on how you see the world.
Everything your mind says has an equal response from the cells in your body.
Humor is a sign of a healthy brain.
A person still has 7 minutes of mental activity at death.
The way you dress is linked to your spirit.
Someone else’s food tastes better than your own, despite having the same recipe.
You tend to believe only what you want to believe, unintentionally.
Having a plan B can make system A less likely to work.
It takes 66 days for a person to practice.
About 80% of all human conversations are gossip.
Wise people may think that they are not wise.

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