What are some of the Indian laws that people generally do not know?

3 months in prison with PDA! (Public love show)
PDA within its limits is allowed but any dirty work is legally punished for a period of up to 3 months. Since the word obscenity is not defined, couples are often harassed by the police.
There are no traffic violations on non-motorized vehicles
Although it has been clarified that a golf cart is not allowed on the road, there are no penalties for non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles or rickshaws, as they do not fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.
If you have been fined once a day you may be forgiven after that
Riding a bike without a helmet can get you into trouble, but once you are fined, a chalaan slip can get you out of the same penalty until midnight. Yes, but this is not an incentive to do so. Safe while driving.

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