Who was the most useful spy in the history of the world?

This woman was one of the most lethal spies in history, and she used her charms to draw information from high-ranking soldiers, and no one could resist them.
Mata Hari was an unusual dancer and coutesan, and outside as I said before, she was a spy.
His job was to extract information for the German army. It is estimated that because of all the secrets that the state has been able to reveal, it has caused at least 200,000 deaths.
It was not until 1917 that a German general named Walter Nicolai got tired of using him as a spy that, according to him, he only brought him gossip about the French sex life, so, in order to get rid of him, he finally exposed. his.
The Germans sent information about “coded” radio signals only that this encryption had been discovered by the French some time ago, so that they could discover that the title they called “H -21” was Mata Hari.
He was tried, and sentenced to death in late 1917.
This was a very dangerous and useful spy as he knew how to use one of the most powerful weapons in the world for his own benefit, beauty.

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