How many push-ups would a soldier in the Indian Army be made to do in his training?

In the academy we were taught that whenever someone asks you, “How many pushups can you do?”, your answer should be, “ As many as you want, Sir!”.
My first day in Academy and How many pushups we did:
The first day I entered academy I was told to lift my trunk of about 35 kg weight and take it up to my room on the second floor. I smiled and thought this to be some sort of a joke. They weren’t kidding dude!
Post this our Company Sergeant Major (a senior gentleman cadet who’s given an appointment to fulfill) made us fall in and asked us to bend with a stick in his hand. That stick looked like it would leave a mark on our bums so we all did what we were told to do!
He made us do 500. I earlier thought he would make us do like 200 but then he really sorted us out. That took about 45 mins for us to complete and we stayed in the same position as shown in the picture for that duration.
The interesting thing is that I earlier thought this was not possible, but once you do it anyways the body adjusts to the demands of the mind!
By the time we got up, our forearms and elbows got inclined at an angle of about 30 degrees. It took us about 3 days for our arms to get completely straight!
But yeah we soon realised the benefits of the same. He made us do like 200–300 daily and by the month end I think all of us got abs and could move forward in a bent push up position for about 70 metres. That’s sounds very simple but try it. It’ll take the endurance out of your body in the first 10 metres.
So yeah. Good Memories!

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