What has left the digital influencer trembling with fear?

The promoter reports that he was kicked out of the plane and had to be naked because of his sweaty pants: ‘I was shaking with fear’
DJ and promoter Hwang So-hee, 36, reported that he was fired from a plane in the United States for his pants, which contained a lot of insulting English words. The South Korean woman, known as DJ Soda, said she was abused and took off her trousers trying to continue her journey.
The information was published by the artist on his Instagram, which was followed by more than 4 million people, and the report responded to international media vehicles, such as Yahoo! News and Daily Star.
DJ Soda said he got in and boarded an American Airlines flight before the incident. He was on his way from New York to Los Angeles and said he had been “abused and humiliated”. The company says the company’s policies “forbid offensive clothing.”

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