Anti iron coin chemical fraud.. FIR in 3 districts. Special team will investigate.

Many people are active on social media like Facebook, YouTube under the name of Anti Iron Coin and Chemical.
The job of these people is to put strange strange videos and cheat people. Our team is in many areas of Islampur, Nandura, Malakpur i.e. Bhusaval since 4 days. A lot of evidence has also been gathered.
There is a big gang of these people, including a woman of Tadvi surname. There are many people named Tadvi in ​​this gang. So far, the names, mobile numbers, and addresses of 12 different people have been confirmed. The investigation continues.
These people rob even after calling them in their area, and they also rob on the pretext of coming. Let me tell you that when someone is robbed from them, they become silent thinking where they are in trouble. Who should make rounds of the court, court station?
But because of such stupid cowardly people, many other people are also cheated. And this cycle keeps on increasing. Keeping this problem in mind, our team is in their areas by becoming a customer. There has also been an economic deal.
Beware of such people, do not deal financially.

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