Another Fraud Chemical Company busted, gang robbing money through website active, complaint filed.

In the era of digital marketing, it has become even easier to rob people. Now educated intelligent people are robbing people easily by adopting different types of tactics. And the special thing is that no action is taken against them as soon as possible. Today we are going to give you information about one such fraud company.
In Tamil Nadu a website is being run by a company named Biochemicals. Which asks people to deposit advance money. When needy people transfer money online, they do not get any response. Neither their call is received nor the item purchased is sent to them.
A complaint in this regard has been sent by email to the Commissioner of Tamil Nadu. If immediate action is not taken against the frauds, it is being said that by sending a complaint letter to all the superintendent of police of the state, demanding action.
fraud mobile number – 09092881396
Fraud’s website Name

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