What is Rave Party? What is a real rave party?

Rave parties planning is done very intelligently and for entertainment. There is a lot of intoxication, alcohol, music, orgy in a rave party. It also has a ‘cocktail’ of sex.
In short, the ‘combo’ of drugs, music, dance, fun and sex is ‘Rave Party’!
The word ‘rave’ is derived from a Jamaican word. Around the 1980s, the first rave parties emerged in Europe as well as in American cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Since then, the party has been heavily promoted and commercialised, and ‘rave culture’ has flourished everywhere.
Earlier rave parties were held in secluded places and open areas, which usually went unnoticed.
For this, any forest, hill or distant area was searched in a field. But due to the police keeping a close watch on these areas, now this rave party is taking place in the ‘restricted’ area.
Rave parties are only for very special people. Usually new people are not given entry in it. Only certain people know where, when and how the ‘rave party’ will be held.
The reason for this is the use of drugs and sex in these parties! Because these two things can be enough to run away and go to jail. Therefore, most of the intelligence is retained.
A few months back, the police had arrested some girls from the southern film industry red-handed with a ‘rave party’ from a bungalow in the ‘Manas Resort’ area of ​​Igatpuri!
For drug addicts, rave parties are considered ‘safe shelters’ or ‘facility’. Drugs are widely used in rave parties. These include STC, ketamine, MDMA, MD, hash, cocaine type high intoxicants. Alcohol, cigarettes and hookahs are also used.
Loud electric trance music is playing at rave parties. So that the person can stay in the ‘mood’ for a long time after taking drugs!
A special music system is used to intensify the sound of electronic trance music. Boys and girls in tight clothes dance to the music. Some rave parties last from 24 hours to three days.
The party also uses laser shows, projected color images, visual effects and fog machines. The songs played in rave parties have very few words. Trance music leads to fraud. Which is very much liked by the people of rave party.
Club owners and organizers encourage the use of drugs at rave parties. The cost of bottled water here is high.
Symbolic language is used from planning the party till the end of the party. These parties are organized at different places. So that the common people do not doubt that the party is going on.
‘Rave Hut’ is also made in many parties. If someone wants to have sex after the party, then it is a ‘special convenience’ for him.
Rave parties are organized in bungalows or in a secure location in Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Bangalore as well as Khandala, Lonavala, Karjat, Khalapur, Igatpuri.
Rave parties planning is done very secretly. To avoid the radar of the investigating agencies of the Narcotics Division, people are invited in various ways. Social media and symbolic language are heavily used for rave party invitations.
The men or children involved in drug culture tend to form in small groups. And through them the call is sent to the rest of the people.
The organizer of the rave party has a ‘secret code’. So no one can attend this party. Often this information is passed from person to person by ‘mouth to mouth’.
Overall, the name of all the crimes committed together on earth is the Rave Party, where the Devil is made the most happy.
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