Mandana Karimi opens up about Bollywood directors, what was Dumb like?
Asked to reveal a personal secret, the actress revealed that she started dating the ace director just when she was dealing with her previous relationship with Gaurav Gupta. However, she did not reveal his identity.

She then began to cry as she revealed her connection to him and how she became pregnant. Everyone in the panel, including Kangana Ranaut, the host of the show, was upset listening to Mandan’s secret. Mandana said:

“At the time when I was dealing with my whole situation…my separation, I was in a secret relationship. My relationship was with a very famous director who talks about women’s rights. He is an idol of many people. We were planning a pregnancy… and when it happened he withdrew completely and his reason was that he didn’t think he was emotionally ready to be a father again. He already has a child. He suddenly said to himself, “I didn’t believe you could get pregnant so easily” at the age of 33′. 

Then we went to my best friend’s house because he said we should talk to them because they’re like my parents.’

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