How can I get a job in investment banking in India? 

Investment banking is vast and has huge career opportunities. Getting any job is not easy until you have some experience and knowledge about it. But if you are a fresher and planning to start a career in investment banking, you must know what it is all about.

You can definitely go for some courses or training to get the basic knowledge. But to get a job, it is not enough to have only theoretical knowledge. This is because everything is case specific and requires detailed knowledge of the businesses you are valuing for.
So choose only such a course that will help you get placed after graduation.

Before embarking on any of the above courses, you need to have some basic excellent skills to be on par with the trainers. Some free Excel courses like Edureka or Excel Academy would do.
“Competition is everywhere, but not quality.”
Learn and gain in-depth knowledge of the subject, read the latest updates on capital market and finance.

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