48-year-old Karishma Kapoor to become the bride of 57-year-old Salman Khan? This is where the wedding will take place, preparations begin in Khan’s family

As you know Salman Khan is the superstar of Bollywood. Actor Salman Khan popularly known as Dabangg Khan has a huge following. It is said that no one can enter Bollywood without Salman Khan. They all make peace with Bhaijaan and move on. Apart from the film world, Salman Khan remains in the headlines for his personal life. 57 year old Salman Khan is still a bachelor. And the discussion about their marriage will always spread on social media.

Recently, a news is becoming more and more viral on social networks, after reading this news, there was panic. According to viral reports, Salman Khan said yes after marrying famous Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor. Let us know the full truth about this report. Let us tell you that a few months back, the news of Bollywood famous actress Sonakshi Sinha’s marriage became increasingly viral on social media. It was later discovered that all the images were fake. Similarly, the marriage talk with Karishma Kapoor is becoming more and more viral now.

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