Anti Iron, Rice Puller Fraud Gang Exposed. Ran away after deleting WhatsApp, Youtube

Fraud Sadiq ran away after deleting WhatsApp and YouTube. But not a single member of the Eye Horse gang will survive.

After duping hundreds of people in the name of anti-iron, rice puller chemical, SD24 news network got caught.

Deleted the YouTube channel named Eye Horse, then started on 8169259184 number and also deleted WhatsApp. Will delete Facebook account too, now trying to hide and avoid fraud. Identify by voice.

SD24 News Network has been contacted by many more victims of fraud, after which another case file will be sent to the respected police commissioner of Howrah.
Let us tell you that we have already found the location of the person named Sajid Sheikh and the YouTube channel named Eye Horse and all its details.

Let us tell you that after the action taken through SD24 News Network, till now legal action has been taken against 11 thugs and 2 fraud chemical companies have been locked up.
The person named Sajid Sheikh is not alone but one of his gang Haj. This gang has a misconception that deleting YouTube channel, WhatsApp will solve the matter. But it is not so. The problem of this fraud gang will increase

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