What is the best selling product in the India?

It is difficult to determine the best-selling product in India, as this can vary depending on the time frame, industry, and other factors. However, some products that have consistently been popular sellers in India include:
Mobile phones: Mobile phones are popular sellers in India, with a large number of options available at various price points.
Fashion items: Clothing and fashion items are popular sellers in India, particularly online.
Home and kitchen products: Products for the home, such as home decor, kitchen appliances, and bedding, are popular sellers in India.
Beauty and personal care products: Beauty and personal care products, such as skincare, haircare, and makeup, are popular sellers in India.
Electronics: Electronics, such as laptops, tablets, and televisions, are popular sellers in India.
It’s worth noting that the most popular products can change over time, as consumer trends and preferences evolve.

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