Wife murdered for girlfriend, with the help of YouTube and Google. Who will be punished?

It was a few years back, 2 idiots were arrested by police, and interrogated them, according to media report those idiots said that they were Mutasir of Zakir Naik’s statement. After which Zakir Naik was so troubled that he was forced to leave the country. Even today cow dung makes them cry.

One such incident took place yesterday. The accused himself confessed that he killed his wife with the help of YouTube and Google. Vikas Sharma, 38, a resident of Anand Vihar, Modinagar, hatched a conspiracy to kill his 35-year-old wife Sonia after seeing methods of murder on Google. The accused along with girlfriend Ameesha Dalal carried out the incident. Police have arrested the accused while the search is on for the girlfriend.

Now the question arises that after the statement of 2 stupid accused, will the case be registered against YouTube and Google in the same sections in which Zakir Naik was booked? Obviously never. Because neither the murderer is a Muslim nor the owner of Google and YouTube is a Muslim. Yes, if he was a Muslim, definitely the attitude like Dr. Zakir Naik would have been adopted towards him as well.
Let us know how people are becoming murderers with the help of YouTube and Google.
Vikas is a Quality Manager at Arvinda Pharma Company in Bhiwadi, Haryana and Ameesha also works in the same company. The love affair was going on between the two for almost two years. Sonia had also come to know about this and she used to oppose it continuously. There had been a fight between the two many times regarding this matter. Regarding the matter, SP Deepak Bhukar informed that the accused wanted to live with Ameesha and Ameesha was also pressurizing him for this.

Together they decided that they would kill Sonia. After this, Vikas was searching methods of murder on Google for two months. He found out such a way of killing through Google that no one suspects. Watched the full video about this on youtube. During interrogation, the accused told that he killed his wife in the same manner. After this incident, Trilok Chand Sharma, the father of the deceased, has filed a case.
Sonia and Vikas were married 12 years ago. Vikas and Amisha killed Sonia in a car near Hapur Chungi and Diamond flyover in Ghaziabad. Police was informed about this incident at eight o’clock.

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