Let us tell you. How many times a day do women think about sex?

Men are very interested in knowing how much women think about sex during the day, what they think, what are their thoughts about sex, so let’s talk about it in this article.
Let’s look into one woman’s diary and uncover secrets that are still unknown. Research has found that men think about sex at least 35 times a day. So what you want to know is how many times a day women think about sex—once a day, twice a day, or every hour.
Women think about sex 18 times a day.
Contrary to popular belief, women think about sex the same way men do. Whatever the basic instinct is, but this fact has also been marked in the basic and overview. Women think about sex an average of 18.6 times a day, which works out to once every 51 minutes.
Sex is a healthy and natural activity.
Sex means different things to different people, but we must recognize that it is a healthy and natural activity. So we have to overcome our inhibitions and talk about our needs. In fact, curbing your sex drive can put you in a risky situation. So we have to understand the deep hidden mysteries surrounding it.
Sexual arousal depends on the level of testosterone.
Women think about sex 18 times a day, which is half the capacity of most men. Testosterone is to blame. Sexual arousal depends on the level of testosterone. This hormone is found in abundance in men, but only one tenth is present in the body of women compared to men.
Women have over 200 reasons to have sex.
According to the study, there are a hundred other factors besides love that help increase sexual desire in women. Women use sex to get revenge on their man for his infidelity, romantic settings to boost their self-esteem, and more than 200 reasons to have sex other than love.
Alcohol and drugs also help with this.
Yes, sure. If you think that your partner’s sex drive will increase after two pounds, then you are right. Drug and alcohol consumption increases a woman’s libido. But an overdose of anything is also harmful. Therefore, with excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, women can also lose the desire for orgasm.

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