Gurugram’s millionaire thief…! Manmohan arrested for stealing pots planted for G-20 conference

Gurugram Police has arrested the accused in the case of theft of flower pots installed for the G-20 conference. The name of the arrested person is Manmohan. Gurgaon police arrested Manmohan and recovered the pots stolen from his car. The car is registered from Hisar in Haryana and the accused is a resident of Gurugram. Pots of these plants were kept to decorate the city at the G20 conference. The number of the thieves’ luxury car is also VIP. The GMDA had given a complaint to the police after the video of the theft went viral.
The video going viral on social media is of Shankar Chowk in Gurugram. It is seen that a car comes and stops. Two persons get down from the car. Pots of special types of plants kept for decoration at the crossroads are picked up and kept in the trunk of the car.
Let us tell you that the preparations for the G-20 conference are going on in full swing for a long time at Leela Hotel, Ambience Mall, Gurugram. In this, the city is being decorated to impress the guests coming from abroad. Special types of plants are also being planted on the footpaths on both sides of the roads.
Haryana BJP spokesperson Raman Malik shared this video. He has appealed to the Gurugram Police-Administration and Haryana Chief Minister’s Office to take action. Malik wrote- ‘This person came in a car worth 40 lakhs and is stealing plants brought for the G20 conference. The looting of plants in broad daylight is shameful.

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