Itching in private part? These home remedies should be adopted to get rid of infection

The problem of infection usually occurs due to neglect of cleanliness. For this, it is important that you also thoroughly wash your private parts during the bath.
Penile infections disappear with tea tree oil.
Antifungal and antibacterial properties are found in tea tree oil. This will remove any kind of infection on the penis or body. First, wash and clean the penis thoroughly. Massage it with tea tree oil with light hands. Be careful not to rub it. Do not wear clothes until the oil dries. Try this process two to three times regularly, you will soon get rid of the infection.
Pay particular attention to cleanliness
According to Dr, the problem with infection is mostly caused by not taking care of cleanliness. For this, it is necessary that your genitals are also properly washed during the bath. Also remember that the underwear should not get wet and try to keep the genitals dry. There is also the problem of infection due to prolonged moisture in the penis. Also, try to only wear loose clothing that is comfortable.

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