Who was Dracula? Let’s know the whole story of Dracula and his relation with Sultanate Osmania.

On hearing the name Dracula, the blood-drinking character of Hollywood films starts roaming in the mind, but do you know that Dracula is the name of a historical character who fought against Sultanate Osmania and drank the blood of its soldiers!
According to the encyclopedia —
Dracula, whose full name was Vilad III Dracula, was the ruler of Wallachia, in Latin Dracula means dragon while in Romania, Dracula means ‘Devil’!
Dracula was the cruelest ruler in history, by burying wooden spears in the ground, he used to make a living person sit on it, because of its weight, the human body would slowly sink into the spear, in this way, it would take two to three days to die. It was his special hobby to kill a person by hammering a nail and eating food while killing a person, mixing human blood in alcohol.
Hearing the story of his atrocities in 1462, Fateh Kustuntunia (Istanbul) Sultan Mohammad Doyam decided to attack him, before that a part of the Sultan’s army and some local people had a fight with Dracula, when Sultan Mohammad Doyam reached that ground, what would he see? There are several kilometers of wooden spears and a soldier of the Sultan’s army is hanging on each one, about twenty thousand dead bodies were hanging.
Dracula had a brother, Rado, who had become a Muslim, and the Sultan returned to Turkey by giving him some troops.
When Rado died after ruling for a few years, Dacula returned to power. He was killed in 1476 in Bucharest, Romania, while fighting against Sultanate Osmania. ,
Romania considers Dracula as its national hero, according to him, Dracula fought to protect the country from external enemies.
Historians believe that Dracula of Brem Stoker’s famous novel written in 1897, on which many films were also made, is actually this Vilad III Dracula!

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