What exactly do Japanese people eat that helps them live a long and healthy life?

The question is good and worth considering, what do Japanese people eat who get long life.

Japanese people rarely eat oily food. Foods made from wheat are eaten at least. Sea organic food is eaten the most. Eat high quality fruits and good quality food. If they eat non-vegetarian, then they also work hard. Japanese never get angry or fight in public places.

They know that this tarnishes the image of their country. Japanese people live alone and in tension, so they do not say anything to anyone. Most suicides in the world are also committed by Japanese and Korean people.

Japanese and Korean people choose to go to the mountain, beach, sports or other excursion near nature to spend the weekend well.

Japanese people also drink a lot of alcohol, but they are punctual and are never late for more than 1 minute, nor do they expect the person to be late.

These are some of the things related to the daily behavior of an ordinary Japanese. Food and thoughts are both good.

Nowadays the Japanese often choose to die rather than bow or break.

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