What should you do if you do not know how to swim and suddenly you fall into the river?

I used to go to the gym of IIT Powai people in Mumbai for weight training. There was also a swimming pool.
I could not swim. So there, once or twice, he took training on swimming from someone. I used to stick to weight training there.
One day after gym I thought to try my hand at swimming. Twice a little training was also taken from the coach. In a swimming pool, one side is deep, which is called deep, and the other side has only knee-deep water, which is called shallow. The depth increases from shallow to deep and the deepest is about 10-12 feet.
Earlier I used to live on the Shallow side. This time I thought of jumping from the deep side and swimming till the shallows. So jumped.
By the time I reached half way, I panicked and lost my breath. And I started kicking my hands and feet randomly. Then I drowned.
Two boys out there were busy with their talk and they didn’t even realize someone had drowned near them! There was no one else there except him. When a man starts drowning, the lungs are on fire. I realized this.
Then got control over the mind and fear. Coach sahab had taught one thing by taking him in the deep. Told to stand straight in the water. Said keep patience, keep your face up, and as soon as you go under the water, gently shake both hands and push the water down. By this the body will come up and breathing conditions will be created.
Remembering this, I calmed my mind. He stopped kicking his hands and feet, then slowly pushed the water down with his hands and breathed on the surface of the water. Then slowly slowly came towards the side. Those boys then saw that someone had escaped from the mouth of death.
First stay away from the river. It is prudent to stay safe from the fury of nature. But if this ever happens, do not panic and find some way of rescue.

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